The Vanishing Act and The Butler

Længde: 00:52:00

År: 2019

Lokation: Denmark

Sprog: Fransk,Engelsk,Dansk

Undertekster: Engelsk

Produktionsselskab: Haslund Dencik Entertainment

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The Vanishing Act and The Butler - Trailer / Preview

Here you get access to both THE VANISHING ACT about Matti Breschel and THE BUTLER about Christopher Juul Jensen.

Matti Breschel has been one of the wildest Danish riders in the professional field for the past fifteen years. As a rare photogenic character - he has a background as a photo model in New York and Milan - he has won two World Cup medals for Denmark. He is an old-fashioned rider type with no agent. He uses his father and his close surroundings to sit up to the races. His driving force has been the madness itself. It has been like living with a psychopath, his wife says. But now Matti is approaching the end of the career. No one needs a winner who no longer wins, he admits. In this intimate portrait, we get very close to anger and loneliness, hiding in it so welcoming face.

Christopher Juul-Jensen is an unusual reading, thinking and writing cyclist. He is considered one of the most valuable domestique in the world at this time. And in recent years, he has written down his inner thoughts about his life on the roads - but he has never shown his poetry to others before now. In this portrait, he tells with a painful self- consciousness how strong the longing can be for a victory, for a man who basically gets paid to lose. We follow Christopher from being a little boy in childhood Ireland to a career as the field´s self-destructive butler, who constantly doubts the meaning of it all.
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