Days of Hope

Længde: 01:11:14

År: 2013

Lokation: Denmark

Sprog: Fransk,Engelsk

Undertekster: Engelsk

Produktionsselskab: Bullitt Film

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Days of Hope - Trailer / Preview
Every year thousands of Africans leave their families behind and risk their lives in hope of a better life.
Ditte Haarløv Johnsen´s new film, Days of Hope, brings us close to these people, providing an inside look at the struggles these emigrants face.

The film moves between the Mauritanian coastal town of Nouadhibou, starting point for the often fatal journey to Europe; Sicilian asylums for illegal boat refugees, where those that survive the crossing languish behind bars; and finally, the harsh reality of the streets of Copenhagen.

Having abandoned his girlfriend and their newborn child in Mali, Harouna is doing his best just to survive in Nouadhibou, constantly navigating between hope and despair. Thelma has managed to reunite with her mother, but struggles to overcome the obstacles of being a young African woman in Copenhagen. Austin made it across the Mediterranean, through Italy, and all the way to Denmark, where he tries to make ends meet by collecting bottles in the streets While newspapers and TV stations talk of trafficking and illegal aliens. Days of Hope looks at the people behind the headlines.

This is the story of the millions of people who leave their loved ones behind in the hope of providing for them, and whose only dream is to lead a dignified life.
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