Traveling with Mr. T

Duration: 01:21:48

Year: 2015

Location: Denmark

Language: Danish

Subtitles: English

Production company: Final Cut for Real


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Traveling with Mr. T - Trailer / Preview
Writing. Love. Pain. Troels dreams, thinks, and feels in capital letters. He´s approaching 30, with very little to show for it. Born in a country where living is easy and success is mandatory, he dreams of escape. Troels spent his teenage years and early twenties fearing that his cancer stricken mother could die any day. Since her death he has fallen deeper into self-loathing and fear.

Just like his life, Troels´ writing is chaos - his dreams of writing the great novel of his generation have not manifested into anything but promising sentences. His successful, well-meaning friends take action and make Troels sign a contract. He must finish his book ´Traveling with Mr T´ within a year.

But Troels´ alter ego Mr. T sees pain and drunkenness as the keys to writing, and Mr. T is taking over. Troels hits rock bottom when his girlfriend Louise leaves him. It is time for Troels to fight for what is important for him, if he can find the courage.

Duration: 81 min
Language: Danish, English
Subtitles: English
Year: 2013

Directed by: Andreas M. Dalsgaard & Simon Lereng Wilmont
Produced by Final Cut for Real
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