Duration: 00:58:30

Year: 2014

Language: Danish

Subtitles: English

Production company: made in copenhagen

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KRIGERNE FRA NORD: Danish subtitles


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WARRIORS FROM THE NORTH is a unique look into an otherwise hermetically sealed world, a world where young Danish-Somali men leave Denmark to fight a Holy War and are willing to die for al-Shabab.

This is the first time an insider talks about the al-Shabab recruitment. Out of a group of young Danish-Somali al-Shabab sympathizers, two have died in suicide attacks in Mogadishu, killing several innocent people, including a group of doctor graduates and two UN peacekeepers. A third member, Mohammed, remains a holy warrior in Somalia. We meet his father, Abukar, who has devoted his life to bringing his son back safely. The fourth member, ”The Shadow,” recounts the entire story in a new Danish documentary, WARRIORS FROM THE NORTH.

The film reveals the consequences of growing up at the bottom of society, divided by two cultures and without a sense of belonging. It shows how tempting it is for these marginalized men to join Islamic militant groups such as al-Shabab or IS – and how difficult it can be to leave such an organization and return home.
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