A Life after Trafficking

Duration: 00:52:00

Year: 2014

Language: English,Danish

Subtitles: English

Production company: Danish Doc Production

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Et liv efter Trafficking: Danish subtitles


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A Life after Trafficking - Trailer / Preview
A Life after Trafficking is a documentary telling Joys story. Joy was trafficked to Denmark in 2005 for prostitution. In the airport she was arrested for carrying a false passport. Joy spent the following 8 months in a Danish prison. In 2006 she was deported back to Nigeria. During 2011 and 2012 the film follows Joy again; this time in Benin City in Nigeria. Joy is now a single mother with three children and has opened a small tailoring business, supported by a Danish NGO.
The film shows how Joy with courage and humor overcomes massive everyday challenges and manages to establish a new independent life with hope and dignity for herself and her children.
Director: Anja Dalhoff

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