Days of Hope

Duration: 01:15:00

Year: 2013

Location: Denmark

Language: French,English

Subtitles: Danish

Production company: Bullitt Film

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Days of Hope: English subtitles


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Days of Hope - Trailer / Preview
In the coastal town Nouadhibou, Mauretania in Westafrica we follow the people, dreaming and longing for a better life far away from Africa, hoping for a new beginning in Europe. Daily we are confronted with the pictures of desperate boat-refugees, risking their life to escape a miserable life. With this film we get a different perspective. Its about dignity, longing and seeking, with real people who are on their way. In three different places we meet them; the young artist from Mali, who has left his family, trying to supply them from far away, the group of young men sitting and waiting at a sad asylum center in Italy, trying to imagine a life outside the walls in an inhospitable Europe. At last in Copenhagen, where two women almost did it, another kind of emptiness and detained desperation arises. The crucial money hunt is eternal, they need to make a living here and still take care of the ones who stayed behind.
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