Future road

Duration: 01:00:31

Year: 2015

Language: Danish

Subtitles: English

Production company: Good Company Pictures

Other versions of this movie:
Fremtidsvej: Danish subtitles


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Future road - Trailer / Preview
Prostitutes, extortion and online fraud makes it all come crashing down for the reluctantly responsible filmmaker‘s father.

Ulrik has grown up in a Danish nuclear family, where his mother was the backbone of the deep red terraced house on Fremtidsvej - Danish for ‚Future Road‘. His father was a busy engineer, and his older brother played brass in the local scouts‘ orchestra, which their father managed. Ulrik filmed everything he could get close to. But now he is an adult, and when his mother suddenly dies, the good family starts to fall apart. The father‘s growing confusion, new desire for freedom and breakneck adventures with prostitutes, personality changes and online hoaxes make everything around him crash to pieces. Ulrik is left as the reluctant adult and the responsible party. Should he take control of his frail father‘s life? Can he?
‘Future Road‘ is an unsentimental and almost tragicomically honest film about how far we should go to protect or control our parents.
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