Mettes voice

Duration: 00:59:00

Year: 2014

Location: Denmark

Language: Danish

Subtitles: English

Production company: Filmkontoret

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Mettes voice - Trailer / Preview
Mettes is 43 years old. A trained nurse. Diagnosis: Paranoid Schizophrenia. After 15 years as a psychiatric patient, vast amounts of medicine and 150 electro-shock, she is finally getting along. This film tracks Mette’s life during four years. A warm and thought provoking film about hope and mastering your own life. Denmark ranks as the no. 2 country in the world consuming psychiatric drugs. “Mettes Voice” has become a strong testament against traditional one-sided focus on medicalization of mental distress

*******Award: BEST FOREING FILM Mad in America’s Int. Film Festival. Arlington MA USA October 2014******

”I am currently cutting down on m y medicine, after many years. The film gave m e hope and courage to face the future. Thank you”. Tina
”This film has a strong statem ent, and may be ofgreat importance for psychiatry in the future. Go forit! ”. The Outsider (Magazine)
”Here is an example of a film, which only reason for existenceis, that the director urgently WANTED to contribute to the current debate within the world of psychiatry. To give it a human face ” Lasse Jensen, Journalist
”In my oppinion, this film is going to have a huge influence on how psychiatry works today. Not only on the moral and ethical level regarding treatment,but on the whole power structure of the system. I just can’t recommend it enough! ” Olga Runcimann; The International Hearing Voices Network
”The film and lecture, has been very infuential it’screated hope and motivation within the group of residents and staff here at Juvelhuset (Jewel House), and also at our local coucils day centers. Your doing a fantastic piece of work!” Jeanettt Boriths
” I still have goosebups all over. It’s fantastically moving, brave and important – I find it to be a truthfull and dignified look, at the awfull condition we in Denmark offer people with greater emotional and psychological challenges in life. TV Viewer ”

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