Colour power, like bloody Hell

Længde: 01:29:00

År: 2018

Lokation: Denmark

Sprog: Dansk

Undertekster: Engelsk

Produktionsselskab: Novamedia Film

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Colour power, like bloody Hell - Trailer / Preview
- Traces of the artist Jens Søndergaard
A portrait, drenched in colour, of one of the greatest expressionist Danish artists.

The documentary offers new insights into an artist, who was both brash and sensitive, lonely but extrovert. His almost infantile playfulness coexisted with an aggressive artistic expression. A serial-cheater and periodically an alcoholic, Søndergaard’s art embraced every aspect of his complex personality. The colours almost come screaming out of the canvases - in what he dubbed Colour power, like bloody Hell.

Jens Søndergaard passed away in 1957, but left an indelible mark on the art world through his paintings - his brush having never been constricted by rules and traditions, but rather driven by waves of inspiration, pain, pathos and nature.

As a child he was cushioned in the Danish self-depreciation of the West-Coast, which he constantly fought to break free from in order to express himself. He chose to become an artist out of spite and art became his lifeblood for the remainder of his years. Art and painting as a raison d’etre.

The documentary film takes the audience through the many homes and places where Søndergaard’s art is on display – from a giant painting at the University of Aarhus to a small watercolour owned by a 90-year-old lady.

What’s the value of art and what does art mean to us? Anne Moulvad explores these questions in a poetic documentary, filled with works of art, stories and music about Søndergaard.

Art exists, while life continues and … discontinues.
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