Længde: 00:27:31

År: 2014

Lokation: Senegal

Sprog: Wolof,Dansk

Undertekster: Engelsk

Produktionsselskab: Empty Chairs

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The rules are simple in Senegalese wrestling: First man down, loses. The sport derives fromritual manhood trials, but in modern times it has developed into a national sport with packedstadiums, huge prizes and extreme idol worship. Today, the fight is supplemented with bareknuckle boxing but without any protection.Senegalese wrestling and its promise of a golden future attracts thousands of young men, wholiterally have to fight their way to the top. Against each other and against witch doctors whohurtle curses and black magic on them as they march through the arena.LAAMB is the story of the 22-year-old cattle herder Ndoff and his attempts to become a prowrestler in Senegal. He has been chosen to compete in an annual talent event in Dakar, andfaces a possible breakthrough. LAAMB is a modern tale about fighting one’s way out of poverty,and it’s the story of a sport filled with myths and extreme voodoo rituals.
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