Life and times of Don Rosa

Længde: 00:75:00

År: 2010

Lokation: Denmark

Sprog: Engelsk

Undertekster: Ingen undertekster

Produktionsselskab: Sebastian Cordes

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Life and times of Don Rosa: Ingen undertekster


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Life and times of Don Rosa - Trailer / Preview
"Don Rosa is known and admired by Donald Duck fans all over the world as his well told stories and extremely detailed style of drawing has made him one of the few Disney artists with his distinct personal style – alongside his role model Carl Barks. The film is created by the, at that time just twenty-two year old Danish director, Sebastian Cordes in his scoop of a portrait film.
Despite Don Rosa´s prominent position in the world of Disney comics he had not produced any comics in several years. The reasons for this was unknown, up until this film, as he had not given any interviews for around four years. The film comes close to the man behind the beloved comics, his life story, and why an eye surgery, a drawers block and the medieval Disney system forced him to stop with what he loved the most; doing comics.
The film has among others been shown on two of the most acclaimed documentary festivals in the world, the Danish CPH:DOX and the Finish Doc.Point."
Instruktør: Sebastian Cordes
Producer: Jakob Bæk Kristensen

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